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Is body inversion table therapy safe?

A lot of articles have been written about inversion therapy. It all sounds promising, but the bigger question is this: is it safe to use a body inversion table?

To answer this question, the first topic in the order of discussion should be how inversion therapy works and how body inversion tables are used in this treatment process. Inversion therapy is a treatment process for back pain and other back injuries that involves hanging the patient upside down while lying on a body inversion table.

The logic behind this procedure is that back pains and other back illnesses are caused by the compression of the spaces in the vertebrae due to daily activities and aging. The purpose of inversion therapy is to increase the spaces and return them to their normal distances, thereby relieving the pain and other medical conditions associated with it. The principle behind a body inversion table is inspired by the laws of physics. By relieving the nerve roots and the spinal discs of gravitational pressure, the spine is given enough room to reassume their proper places.

Inversion therapy has been the subject of many medical studies. These medical studies have found that this type of therapy is a good way of relieving the pain for the short term, but may not have any lasting effects for the long term. While it has been proven relatively safe, patients are also advised to consult and alert their doctors in case eye conditions, heart problems and high blood pressure exist. It is a natural effect that the heartbeat starts to slow down and the blood pressure is elevated the moment the patient is suspended upside down. While using a body inversion table if the suspension lasts for more than a few minutes, this could cause adverse effects on such existing conditions.


Generally, however, the inversion therapy procedure is relatively safe to undergo for both women and men. However, for those who will try it out the first time, the best way to start the program is to begin at a small angle, and gradually increasing as you get used to the inverted position, and also depending on the severity of your condition. You should also begin the program under the supervision of a medical expert, who can show you how to assume a safe position on the body inversion table. Never begin the procedure without expert supervision to make sure that there is someone who can address any emergency or unexpected event. Body inversion tables like other types of exercise equipment will gradually become second nature.

Finally, you should also be prepared to experience slight discomfort while using a body inversion table, especially if you are new to the procedure. It is normal for blood to flow to the face and the head when you are suspended upside down. As such, expect to experience slight reddening of the face and a warm sensation in the head. This is actually an indication that blood is properly circulating to areas that are hard to reach. The condition should normalize when you get off the body inversion table, and these slight symptoms are supposed to improve over time, and as you get used to the procedure.


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